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when the wolf comes home

producing and consuming

Due to a disruption in my usual suppliers, and having Fridays free, I have been baking challah. Last week was nutella challah. The recipe (or rather, my execution of it -- it needed more nutella) needs work, but I would definitely make that again!

On the "things consumed" front, I have seen the two Hollow Crown: Henry VI episodes. After the first one I said to A that as far as I could tell the Wars of the Roses were caused a massive game of pass-the-parcel with the idiot ball. As of the second, they seem to have moved on the the crazy throat-slitting ball. Everyone gets a turn! Next week: more Cumberbatch as Richard III, presumably with more crazy throat-slitting fun. Although actually the high point so far has been Ben Miles as Somerset.

With almost as high a mortality count the 100 continues to entertain me. People talk about the deaths on shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, presumably only because they haven't noticed The 100. I mean, presumably Clarke is safe, and probably Octavia, but that's about it over the long run. The other thing I really like about the show is how completely fucked up life on the station was, and how that has permeated through everything that happens on the ground. It was a society where anyone could be killed, for even the smallest infraction, to preserve the group: it's hardly surprising that the people who grew up within that structure were willing to kill 300 outsiders to prevent some theoretical future attack. (And maybe particularly unsurprising for Bellamy, who is very much a follower of rules and structures so long as they serve whatever he understands as the Greater Good.)

I was impressed that the show came up with a reason that was not pure handwavium for the fact that the commander was someone like Lexa and not someone older and more experienced like Indra. I also appreciated that when Kane was crucified they got the placement of the nails correct. The wrists, not the hands! How did ALIE know that? I guess she has access to a large historical database, and it's nice to see that kind of thing being put to use. Maybe not good use, but still. Overall I have liked having ALIE as a villain this season -- there has still been plenty of room for what I like most about the show, which is desperate people making objectively terrible decisions. In fact, ALIE has really highlighted the humanness of all the increasingly poor decision making going on, and making those mistakes seem that much more important. Otherwise, why not just go to the City of Light? It's the Aeneid: get ready to suffer, and don't expect the see the promised land any time soon.

We are up to episode 13 -- they have found Luna, and she has unsuprisingly told them to fuck off, from her totally realistic offshore platform off the coast by Annapolis; the many ways in which the geography and plant life totally fail to be what they should never ceases to amuse me. I mean, the whole show is mockable, but I enjoy it.

On the subject of other things which are The Aeneid, I am re-reading Watership Down in preparation to reading it to Spartacus at bedtime; I hadn't realized how many narrative beats it also shares with The Kin.

Tonight is the next episode of Game of Thrones, and tomorrow the next episode of Penny Dreadful. I admire the fact that Vanessa's taste in men is so consistent!

Oh, and back to producing -- I crocheted a string bag! It is very stretchy, so stretchy that you could use it as a beach bag more easily than a market bag.

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when the wolf comes home

June 2016

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