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when the wolf comes home

Bastard bowl? I don't think so

More Game of Thrones, under the cut.

It was, however, very, very satisfying, from the opening sequence onward. Except for a long stretch in the middle when I was really really worried that Tormund was going to die doing something brave. But instead he just ripped out a guy's throat with his teeth. Go Tormund! I don't want you to die before you can enjoy at least one night of bliss with Brienne.

But really, Jon and Ramsay were basically irrelevant to the larger action, which was all about the female characters: Dany taking control of the situation in Mereen, and freeing her people one more time. And then making a very good deal with Yara! Which did not actually rule out marriage at some later date. Forget the bastards, this episode was actually about women taking charge of things. Even Jon Snow knew that: he stopped killing Ramsay, and didn't argue when Sansa went to finish him off. In the most delightful way possible, really.

I found that very very satisfying. Much like Dany and Yara's decision to give up on men and just have a girls-only clique running things in Westeros. Presumably they will let Sansa join? After all, she managed to save the day for Jon and his army nicely, just like Dany did for her whole city.

I mean, I know that some other things happened this episode, like Rickon (poor Rickon, but he was barely a character in the show), and Davos figuring out what happened to Shireen, and someone will probably have to do something about Littlefinger, but right now I am just basking in the happiness. Also, presumably Ramsay's fate will make Littlefinger a little less sanguine about messing with Sansa too much.

I really, really loved that little smile on her face, as she listened to Ramsay getting eaten by his own dogs.

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when the wolf comes home

June 2016

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