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when the wolf comes home

Next season: war of five queens?

I posted this on tumblr, but have actually no idea how to make people see things there!

One of the things I have really enjoyed about this season of Game of Thrones is the way that over and over again, women who have been written off as powerless by the men around them have risen to power. I’ve seen some speculation that Jon Snow will end up holding Wnterfell as its lord, and that is certainly possible, but to my mind it goes against the general direction the season has taken.

It isn’t just Daenerys and Yara shaking hands on their division of Westeros – you can also put what happened in Dorne into this, with Ellaria losing patience with Doran’s decision to avoid war and using her daughters to take power for herself. Or Margaery in King’s Landing, taking her fate into her own hands to get herself out of prison: Jaime and the Tyrells thought they were there to rescue her, but she had already rescued herself, leaving them looking like idiots. I presume that her long-term plan is to regain her influence over Tommen, and eventually to displace the High Sparrow and his supporters. Although I think she may not have time to put her plans into action, since I presume that next week we will see the other queen in King’s Landing, whose enemies are convinced that they have managed to get rid of her, burn the whole place down. Otherwise, why bother to keep reminding us about all that wildfire buried under the city? Will this be the end of the High Sparrow? I don’t know. Will Tommen die too? Who knows! But my bet is that when the dust settles, if there’s anything to rule, the person in charge will be either Cersei or Margaery.

So that’s four queens: Ellaria in Dorne, Cersei or Margaery in King’s Landing, and Daenerys and Asha/Yara in Mereen. It would be thematically neat for Sansa to take power in the North, and here’s why I think it’s possible. First of all, we’ve already seen Jon yield to her in the matter of Ramsay’s death. More importantly, though, the guy who now has the most-undamaged army in the North is Petyr Baelish, and he has no reason at all to put Jon in charge of anything – he’s been all about Sansa from the start. In fact the only reason I can see for Jon ending up lord of Winterfell if is Sansa puts him there in order to keep Littlefinger out of power.

And as a final, if unlikely, note: we’ve seen Arya coming back to herself too this season. Wouldn’t it be lovely, if in the last scene of the season, Sandor came face to face with the real leader of the Brotherhood, Lady Stoneheart?

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You're a LSH truther! :) I had no idea.

So... the rumor going around is that neither Tommen nor Margaery make it to Season 7. I am a huge Margaery fan, so I fear the worst.
I figured that Tommen was toast, but will be really sad if Margaery dies too.

Stoneheart forever!!! I know she won't actually appear in the show, but I wish she would.
when the wolf comes home

June 2016

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